Were you not Entertained?

Where film fans discuss movies and TV shows with only a single rating: were we entertained or weren’t we.

what we do


Movie discussions

As movie fans we have always discussed what we thought about movies with each other. Now we are discussing them for everyone to hear.

Movie commentary

Don’t you hate it when someone talks over the movie you are trying to pay attention to?

Industry observations

Technology and how the movie industry wants us to enjoy their products is constantly changeing. We might just have something to say about that.

More to come

As with everything you must evolve to survive. We will be evolving to bring you new content on different platforms.

Our Story

We love movies. When you want to relax and be transported to another world for a few hours, nothing compares to the power of cinema. That being said, too often there seems to be a need by many to look for reasons to not like them. After many late nights discussing our favorite flicks, warts and all, we came up with a phrase that summed up our measurement for a good film. Were You Not Entertained was born.

While we talk about the merits and flaws of new and classic movies, we hesitate to call ourselves reviewers. Looking back at the last few hours we spent watching a movie we ask ourselves “did you enjoy the ride?” Ultimately, that should be the expectation for anything dubbed as entertainment.

Life finds a way to get complicated and traveling to another planet, seeing an alternate time or place, or looking through a window into someone else’s life can be a welcome escape that occasionally lets you look at your own situation in a new frame.

Thank you to all of you who have joined us and spent your time with us and we hope you enjoy the ride.





Daniel has grown up in a family that enjoyed watching movies in their free time. As such, he has always been intrigued with the fantasy worlds that are created on screen. He has amassed a large movie collection and likes spending free time relaxing and rewatching his favorite movies.




Being a movie and videogame fan since childhood, James has analyzed popular culture the majority of his life. As a primary source of entertainment, film has shaped his world and has framed the way in which he views it.